Emerson ZX condensing units tick all the boxes for OBC

When the OBC Chicken and Meat Butchery franchise recently opened a new outlet in Mamelodi, Pretoria, they required a cost effective, efficient and easy to maintain refrigeration system. Emerson and Metraclark had just the solution!


The butchery project was completed in December 2018 and had the following refrigeration requirements:

Cooling capacity (medium temperature): 70kW total

Cooling capacity (low temperature): 61.6kW total


Going ZX

Celcius Refrigeration, as contractor, was tasked with designing and supplying the most competitive refrigeration equipment for the OBC project. 


Interestingly, 2009, Celcius Refrigeration installed the first Emerson ZX condensing unit in South Africa. Now 10 years later, the Celcius Refrigeration team took the opportunity to be the first to install the all new Emerson ZX 16HP and ZX 9HP models too. 


The client had the following requirements …


The refrigeration equipment had to be compact and protected because it was going to be installed in the provided open plantroom area next to the building. Emerson ZX condensing units were an easy choice as they are designed to be used outdoors and offer a plug-and-play system design to work in ambient conditions of up to 48°C. Not to mention that they were readily available off-the-shelf.


The client also required the refrigeration equipment to be as efficient as possible seeing as electricity cost has a significant impact on the daily operational cost of this kind of business. Emerson’s ZX units feature significant and advanced energy saving technology such as optimised control capability; digital capacity control; and enhanced vapour injection (EVI).


Additionally, it is important that refrigeration equipment is easy to maintain. Emerson’s ZX condensing units with CoreSense™ technology deliver real-time diagnostics, protection and communication to prevent downtime, and ensure the units are optimized and running at full capacities.


The final requirement was that the refrigeration equipment had to be affordable and competitive against other available products in the market. Emerson ZX condensing units are very competitively priced for the efficiencies offered and its plug-n-play outdoor design will save costs on the initial installation as there is no need for expensive plantrooms. 


System description 

Emerson’s large capacity ZX refrigeration condensing units are specifically designed for medium temp and low temp applications with digital modulated variable capacity control. The 16 HP unit is supplied with a tandem Copeland Scroll configuration with built in oil management and integrated pre-failure system diagnostics and compressor protection. 


The Copeland Digital ZX units have a modulation range that spans from 10% to 100% thereby matching the changing load conditions.


By using Copeland Scroll compressor technology, variable condenser speed fan motors, a large condenser coil, and advanced control algorithms, energy consumption is significantly reduced.

The large modulation range allows precise capacity control to match the load conditions.


For more information, visit www.metraclark.co.za or www.emerson.com. You can also send an email to enquiry@metraclark.co.za.  

Emerson’s ZX condensing units with CoreSense™ technology deliver real-time diagnostics, protection and communication to prevent downtime, and ensure the units are optimized and running at full capacities.


Products are distributed through 24 sales outlets across South Africa with a additional dedicated Export office in Johannesburg.

We also have branches in Windhoek Namibia, Gaborone, Francistown in Botswana, Maputo, Beira in Mozambique and Ghana.

Metraclark has a joint venture operation in Zambia with branches in Lusaka and Kitwe. This outlet is replenished from the central warehouse based in Johannesburg.

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