It’s Cool To Be A 21st Century Artisan

The Second World Skills South Africa National Competition was hosted at the Durban International Convention Centre (ICC), between the 14th to 16th February 2017. The WSSA Competition was both about … more

Year End Message 2016

  To each and every member of the Metraclark group across Africa, employees, customers, suppliers and service providers thank you for your contribution and interaction during 2016.

It is … more

No Compromise !

Cool FX didn’t “compromise” when they started on the revamp of the Enterprise foods factory shop in Germiston. The aim of the project was to provide the shop with the ability to … more

Intelligent Refrigeration Solutions!

First response as with many customers was trepidation and resistance to change to a new technology product. Prior to 2012, East Sum Meat has been using, and believed in the traditional tried and … more

Stepping Up Service!

Metraclark’s main distribution warehouse in Denver, Johannesburg serves as a nationwide distribution warehouse to all of its South African and African branches.  Metraclark is a leading … more

“Meating” Expectations


Frank’s Meats, a family owned butchery in Middelburg Mpumalanga, recently expanded their business with a “standard above the rest” facility. Highveld Refrigeration was … more

VSD Savings

  Traditionally, supermarket refrigeration system condenser fan and compressor controllers cycle fans and compressors “on” and “off” in an attempt to match system … more