Quick Pro Piping

 With the introduction of Quick Pro Pipe into the market by Metraclark, we have had several installations done by our esteemed contractors. The support from the industry has been very well received.

Just the advantages of using Quick Pro Pipe speak volumes. Installation time is reduced as no welding is required if working smart, the ¼’ to 5/8’ are in 304m rolls and the ¾’ in 152m and 7/8’ in 91m rolls. Costs of material are reduced vs copper pipe and will reduce the labour costs as there is less or no welding required. It is a deterrent for theft as there is no scrap value.
With a lifespan of 50 years and its detectability, if chased into walls or buried, the piping can be hidden from sight. The working pressure of Quick Pro Pipe is 650psi (68.8°C on R410a, 94.8°C on R22 and 71°C on R507). The burst pressure of Quick Pro Pipe is 1450psi.
Metraclark carries the various brass fittings in stock and the inexpensive crimping tool that has the different tool bits for the different pipe sizes as a set, with that we have the various deburring tools for the various pipe sizes.